About us

Founded in 1948, Al Rifai is based on a timeless combination of traditional Middle Eastern roastery recipes and modern techniques for roasting nuts, coffee, kernels and seeds. With over seventy years of experience and knowledge in the art of roasting, we have perfected our recipes, ingredients and infusions to accommodate the most discerning of tastes. Our roasted nuts, kernels, seeds dried fruits & coffee range is the true essence of Al Rifai in every sense

In 1996, Al Homaizi bought the ownership of AL RIFAI brand for MENA region, with its headquarters based in Kuwait.

Our success today is owed to a long-standing expertise in sourcing quality ingredients from around the world, a team of dedicated and experienced professionals and most importantly an extensive knowledge of our market and supply chain resources that enables us to offer product solutions to best cater to all your need. The nuts and kernels we choose with care each from the world’s premium farms and regions and only the best are selected from each year’s harvest. The result is exquisite and irresistible every time.

Without a doubt, our best quality products, trustworthy and reliable service and innovative spirit have always served as our core values in order to consistently exceed the high expectations of our customers. Al Rifai is leading the way in showcasing products that satisfy the varied needs of a modern lifestyle and the growing demand for healthy, nutritious snack foods.

Today Al Rifai is a household name in the Middle East & North Africa region through its wide network of branded food retail stores and FMCG line distribution channels. At the same time Al Rifai is active in the HORECA channel, utilizing its vast expertise, market knowledge and supply chain resources to offer products solutions that cater to all the needs.

Our production facilities has been certified for establishing a food safety management system for procuring raw nuts, dried fruits, confectionery & coffee for roasting, packaging and distribution according to ISO 22000 and Halal certification.