Founded in 1948, Al Rifai is based on the timeless combination of traditional Lebanese recipes and modern techniques for roasting nuts, coffee, kernels and seeds. Al Homaizi Food Industries acquired this franchise in 1996 and caters to the entire Middle East and North Africa through its growing retail network based in Kuwait. Al Homaizi Food Industries seeks to be the very best: continued growth stems, in part, from Al Rifai's team of dedicated, experienced professionals and in-store people providing efficient customer service with attention to detail. As a result, Al Homaizi Food Industries is the nerve centre for Al Rifai's management, manufacturing, training and development. 

Our success is based, in part on sourcing top grade raw materials from around the world. Equally important is the way that Al Rifai roasts and flavors over 50 varieties of products ranging from strong ethnic to subtle regional flavors that serves diverse market tastes. We continue to lead in this field through product innovation, sensitive to market trends and a modern lifestyle, which includes a growing demand for healthy, nutritious snack food. Furthermore, Al Rifai ensures that its high-quality production meets international standards of quality, manufacturing, and hygiene. Al Homaizi Food Industries pre-packages production plan based in Kuwait serves its own local customers. Its growing retail store network of more than 250 stores also serves customers throughout the Middle East and North Africa.